Case Specific Enquiry

You may use this form if:

  • You have submitted an application.
  • Your application has exceeded normal processing times. We will not respond if your application is within normal processing times.
  • You wish to report important changes, such as a change in address, births, deaths, marriages, divorces, adoptions, changes in employment or urgent requests.
  • You wish to change or add a Representative and you are ready to upload your Use of Representative Form (IMM5476).
  • You require urgent processing of your renewal/replacement Permanent Resident card. To be eligible for urgent processing, you must:
    • provide proof of full payment that must show the date you paid, the amount you paid and how you paid.
    • provide proof of travel (itinerary or ticket) that must show the dates you are traveling, your personal information such as your full name, that you have a return ticket and your destination.
  • You wish to report a technical issue with Citizenship and Immigration online services, you must provide:
    • surname (last name) – exactly as it appears on the passport or identity document;
    • given name(s) (first name) – exactly as it appears on the passport or identity document;
    • date of birth (YYYY-MM-DD);
    • country of birth;
    • complete address (including the postal code). If the residential address is different from the mailing address, please provide both addresses;
    • telephone number. If you have more than one contact number, please provide them all;
    • Unique Client Identifier (UCI) number / Client ID number;
    • online application reference number;
    • type of application (work permit, study permit or visitor record,etc);
    • approximate date that the application was submitted.

If you need help with a non-case specific enquiry, we have a bank of over 500 answers in our Help Centre.

All fields are required unless otherwise stated and must be filled in to complete the form.

Please do not submit this form more than once.


Applicant information

A family name is a last name. A last name is also referred to as a surname.
For example: If a person's name is Mark Paul Jenkins, his last name is Jenkins. Family name as per your current passport/travel document.

A given name is the name(s) given to a person at birth and by which that person is most commonly referred to. A person's given name includes his or her first name and middle name.
For example: If a person's name is Mark Paul Jenkins, his given name is Mark Paul. Given name as per your current passport/travel document. If you do not have a given name you may enter N/A in the Given name field.


This is the day you were born that you have submitted on your application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
If you do not know your date of birth, you may have entered the date that appears on your passport, travel document or identity document. If your date of birth has only the year (e.g. 1985/**/**), you may select January for the Month and 01 for the day.

This is where you were born. It is the country you have entered on your application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

A Client Identification Number (Client ID), also referred to as a Unique Client Identifier Number (UCI), can be found on any official document issued by a Citizenship and Immigration Canada office, Case Processing Centre or a Canadian visa office outside Canada.
A Client ID consists of four numbers, a hyphen (-) and four (4) more numbers (example: 0000-0000).
A person who has never dealt with Citizenship and Immigration Canada before will not have a Client Identification Number.

A file number can be found on any official document or correspondence issued by a Citizenship and Immigration Canada office, Case Processing Centre or a Canadian visa office outside Canada.

Enquirer identification

Representative: A person who has the permission of someone wanting to immigrate to Canada to conduct business with CIC on their behalf. The representative can be paid or unpaid. When someone appoints a representative, they may also authorize CIC to share information from their case file with this person. Canada’s immigration law covers representatives and defines the terms of their services.
See Immigration consultant, Authorized representative.

Enquirer information

If you are a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant then please enter your member number here.
Leave this section blank if you are not a consultant or you are not using a consultant for your application.
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants are approved by the Immigrant Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. Consultants may represent a client before Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


Please select the name of the application that you have applied for. You must have already submitted the application in order to send you enquiry.

If you are submitting an address change, include your new address (street name, street number, city, province and postal code).

Your message must be in English or French, Canada's official languages. (Please limit the text to 1500 characters).

Upload your documents

  • Files must be 2 MB or smaller. If you include multiple files, the total size must be 3.5 MB or smaller.
  • We only accept files in PDF, JPEG, TIFF, DOC, or DOCX formats.

Once you have selected the document, click Upload to add the document to your enquiry. Repeat the same process to add additional documents but total size of all attachments cannot exceed 3.5 MB.

Consent and Disclaimer

By supplying your email address (in your enquiry or previously in your application), you have initiated an email communication with CIC. By this action, you have authorized CIC to use the email address provided by you for communication with you including the transmission of personal information on your file/case. When you supply your email address to CIC, it is also understood that you are aware that this channel may not be a secure channel. CIC is not liable for the electronic disclosure of personal information to a third party where CIC has taken reasonable means to ensure the identity of the party. CIC is also not liable for the misuse of this information by a third party.

To see CIC policy on internet use click here.

Protect your personal information: Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) takes the confidentiality of your information seriously as we use sophisticated security techniques to protect your privacy. Clients should be careful to protect their file number, FOSS client ID. number, date of birth and all other personal identification information. As these personal identifiers may allow individuals to receive information about their files from CIC via email, clients should not share this information with unauthorized third parties.